Beautiful Holiday Destinations You Must Visit

Beautiful Holiday Destinations showing

This holiday list has been compiled keeping in mind the many holiday experiences that can create a unique and memorable holiday. Beautiful holiday destinations can vary from beaches, deserts, rainforests, cultural or simply a holiday activity that can be experienced nowhere else.

1. Reykjavik

Holiday in beautiful Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland. Reykjavik is the world’s northern most capital and serves as a gateway to both the city and rugged adventure options beyond. Reykjavik culture includes music hot spot and arts scene. Two holiday destinations in one – a magical breathtaking escape to the wilderness and the hottest in nightlife and culture.

2. Havana

Havana is Cuba’s capital city. Holiday in Havana while it’s still authentic. Havana is a mixture of beauty, audacity and contradictions. From the authentic bohemian feel to the new emerging cosmopolitan scene. Kick back and play it old school and go cruising along the Malecon in a vintage Buick and breath in the vibrancy of Havana. Holiday with no expectations and indulge your senses.

3. Great Barrier Reef

A great holiday destination for nature lovers and sun worshipers alike. Enjoy the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia while swimming, sailing, snorkeling or diving along the 2,000km Queensland coast. Go on an island hopping holiday visiting the many islands that make up the Whitsundays. Holiday with turtles while visiting Heron and Wilson Islands between November and March and witness hatch lings stumble towards the sea in turtle nesting season.

4. Finnish Lapland

A beautiful holiday destination for those of you who are looking for a holiday with a difference. Lay back and let yourself be blanketed by the hypnotic Northern Lights. Spend magical nights in a heated Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Saariselka. The glass igloos are the perfect way to experience the nature surrounding you with the luxury of being in incredible comfort.

5. Africa

Witness the migration of Kenya’s Masai Mara between June and November. A spectacular holiday showcasing the millions of zebra wildebeest, Thomson’s gazelle roaming plans foraging for food. Watch majestic elephants give way to wildebeests with the opportunistic hyenas circling in the hope of a feed. A truly magical holiday experience.

6. Venice

A great holiday location for the romantics. Wander aimlessly through the streets and alleys and soak up the culture that envelopes you. Take a romantic gondola ride through the many waterways and discover market boats selling vegetables and fish to the locals. A holiday in Italy is not a true Italian experience unless you visit the many eateries and indulge your senses in indulgent pastas and pizzas.

7. Istanbul

This is a magnificent holiday to immerse yourself in decadent visual scenes and intoxicating smells. Visit the glorious Blue Mosque, take a ride on the Bosphorus strait and immerse yourself in history at Hagia Sofia. For authentic holiday souvenirs meander through the mesmerizing Grand Bazaar. No Turkish holiday is complete without visiting a traditional Turkish bath.

8. Kyoto

Visit Kyoto, Japan to experience a holiday in Japan of yesteryear. Kyoto is the city rich in culture with traditional Japanese gardens, original shrines and grant palaces. Visit during autumn to experience the Aoi-masturi Festival which celebrates the two Kamo shrines showcasing maiko dancers dressed in traditional kimonos while wondering the streets. For a truly unique holiday experience wander the streets dressed as a geisha or maiko dancer yourself? For a truly authentic holiday experience spend the night in a temple and indulge in an early morning meditation session and enjoy tea in the garden.

9. Route 66 America

Let your hair down and hit the road for a holiday with no cares. Discover the many dynamics that makes America. Let’s face it, we’ve all just wanted to that that holiday where you just jump in the care and go – no plans – just freedom from daily life. Hire a Cadillac convertible, put on your sun glasses and hit the road. Route 66 crosses eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Unique holiday experiences include jazz clubs in St Louis, Grand Canyon and the famous Las Vegas Strip.

10. Dubai

Dubai is definitely a holiday destination for everyone. A majestic, sensual and indulgent holiday location. Dubai has it all from cultural experiences, tantalizingly tempting markets mixed with world renowned architecture. You choose the holiday experience holiday you want – family activity holiday where you can indulge in the many fun and water parks, cultural experience where you can ride a camel and visit cultural sites or a totally decadent holiday staying at five star resorts and indulging in designer shopping and opulent experiences.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode


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